I’m a photographer and my outlook is simple.

I believe that beauty and authenticity go hand in hand. 

When it comes to your wedding photos(or friends, family any occasion) you shouldn’t have to choose between stunning, timeless portraits and real, raw, overflowing-with-emotion moments. When you’re standing aglow with happiness in an incandescent dress or a suit that goes beyond Bond – I’ll be there. And when the speeches make you laugh so hard a little champagne comes out of your nose – I’ll be there too.

When you’re old and grey I firmly believe you will want both these things. You’ll need the gorgeous photos to remember how young and beautiful and crazy-in-love you were, and you’ll want the freeze frames of head-back laughter, overwhelmed-with-love tears and everything in between to spark those memory neurons and send that wedding-day cocktail rushing through your veins all over again.

That is the stuff life is made of, and that is why what I do is so much more than a job – it’s the love of my life.